Perched atop Greeg Mountain overlooking Lake Hennesey, in the St. Helena AVA of Napa Valley. This site is Pritchard Hill’s undiscovered northern twin in the Vaca Mountain Range. With views of the entire valley to the west, this sparsely planted ranch sits at 1800ft with 21 acres planted to 19 different blocks.

Planted almost entirely to Cabernet Sauvignon, this vineyard is sure to become a legendary powerhouse. Planted in 2018 and already producing exquisite fruit, attracting 100-point winemakers Thomas Rivers Browne and Russell Bevan, Phelan Ranch was chosen to be part of our inaugural release of our Mount Collection series.

Our 3-barrel production comes from a small block with an east/west facing slope. Receiving soft and even morning sunlight and protected from the harsh/intense afternoon sun that can sometimes heat the valley in late summer. With high elevations comes a larger diurnal shift for optimal acidity and balanced grapes making their way to the fermentation tank.

Phelan Ranch sets the bar farming standards, even as far as Napa Valley is concerned. Each row and vine are meticulously hand farmed, leading to high touch vines with the goal of producing some of Napa’s highest quality fruit. We are blessed to be a part of this beautiful ranch and can’t wait to share our interpretation of this special site.