Exit West is a brand built on passion, a willingness to risk, and palatable correlation to place. Those who believe in the value of integrity, hard work and striving for excellence in every sip. Exit West, to us, quite literally means impressive quality without sacrifice.

Exit West is designed to tell the success story of Bordeaux influenced wines grown in America’s most influential wine regions. Where the rolling hills and secluded valleys of the West Coast have no equal. Our vision was to highlight quality farming, unique microclimates, and winemaking at a price all could enjoy. With that we bring you, Exit West Estate Red Blend from our high elevation vineyards in the Red Hills of the Mayacamas mountain range. Bringing luxury West Coast quality winemaking at a practical price.

Born in the crimson soil of the Red Hills, Exit West is focused on Estate Grown wines with meticulous detail. As Exit West developed, so did the dream to highlight single site, high elevation vineyards in the coastal mountain ranges. From our 48-acre Estate we’ve hand selected the most unique vineyard blocks to curate and highlight the personality of the northern Mayacamas mountain range. Pairing our Estate wine with carefully chosen Napa grower, Phelan Ranch, our limited Mount Collection of wines will show the diversity of the west coast mountain ranges. To fit the Mount Collection of wines, each vineyard must sit above 1500ft elevation.


Simply put, our aim is to bring the best the west has to offer to your glass. Ideal climate and growing conditions, regenerative farming practices, diverse topography and microclimates lead to wines with as much personality as those who enjoy them.