The Mount Family Ranch is located in the Red Hills, AVA located in the Northern Mayacamas Mountain Range in Lake County, CA. Our 52-acre ranch sits at 2400ft elevation with beautiful views of Mt. Konocti, our resident dormant volcano. Providing the region with soils, rich in nutrients, ideal drainage, black obsidian, quartz crystals and volcanic gravel content.

The soil in the Red Hills is strikingly red in color, and some of the cleanest air in the country. Under these ideal conditions, the vines can mature with the perfect blend of support and grit to produce world-class, stylistically unique, wines.

Our in-house farming team, some of whom have generational history with the land, is led by Winemaker & Vintner Patrick Sullivan (formerly of Peter Michael / Rudd / Lewis Cellars). Patrick’s precision and meticulous standards set the tone for each wine we produce. All our wines face the same daunting path to become part of Exit West. Our search for California’s signature ripeness, concentrated flavors, and fresh balanced acidity is ever present in our farming methods.

A minimalistic approach allows the vineyard to embrace its surroundings, never shying away from our unique topography in the northern hillsides of California. Finished wines are intended to be transportive. They take us to the place and site in which they were grown, consuming what the land gave us all those years ago. As stewards of this land we recognize our obligation to, protect, improve, and guide our small vineyard to find its voice and stand out amongst the crowd.